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NEW HTML VIDEO PLAYER: On video player menu in top right that gives hotkeys and better navigation controls to skip forward and backward during live and video replays.  It includes a NEW Slo-Mo feature.  

WATCH LIVE VIDEO - Click the baseball field name you wish to watch under the Live Video menu.  Use the video player controls top right to expand the video. You can rewind the "live" scrollbar to review past 1 hour of current stream.  Use the arrow keys to go back 10, 30, 60 seconds and try the slo-mo feature as well.

Note: Scoreboard overlay which is on the bottom right of the screen always reflects the score in current time and not when recorded (if you rewind the "live" scrollbar) so it may not match up if you are not at the most current part of the "live" feed. 

LIVE VIDEO RECORDING SCHEDULE - The following is the live recording schedule:
 - Weekdays - 4:30PM to 8:30PM
 - Weekends - 8:30AM to 8:30PM

WATCH REPLAY VIDEO - Select field, then under Video Replay title click the appropriate "Week Ending..." link, then click the date. Use the scrollbar to find your game. Replays begin with start time of the scheduled content each day, so you can figure the scrollbar time-stamps from there to get to your game based on how many hours after the start time of recording (see above schedule) that the game was played. Note: Replays are available beginning the next day and often by 9PM the day of.

CREATE A CLIP (save highlights) - When viewing replays, click the "Create A Video Clip" link below the video screen. Click "Begin Time" to start clip and "End Time" to finish. Then click "Preview" link to preview the video. Click green "Save clip to YourGameCam" and follow prompts to save the highlight clip to your YourGameCam account. If first time, follow prompts to create a free YourGameCam account where you can save your clips.  You can then download the clips after saving to the YGC cloud.

VIDEO PLAYER CONTROLS (Shortcut Keys) -  The video player has a shortcut keys menu in the top right with more options.

NEW SLOW-MOTION FEATURE - The video player has a Slo-mo feature that is very cool!!!  Check it out during live and replay videos.

FULL SCREEN VIDEO:  Arrow on top right of player should make fullscreen view.  To view full screen you can use this less pretty standalone link or you can always visit directly and find Agoura Pony Baseball in the facility drop down menu. 

The Live GameCams are for your viewing enjoyment only and not for review of umpire decisions and calls.  Please do not contact us to submit complaints regarding umpiring calls, balls and strikes and other related matters.

A limited number of business advertising opportunities are available within the video streaming player (seen during live and replay videos).  Please email Craig White for advertising and sponsorship details including impression frequency figures or this LINK for more information.  Please help support Agoura Pony Baseball and keep this great video service free to all viewers!

Technical glitch? - Email [email protected] directly with technical questions. 
Recommend YourGameCam - Email [email protected] to recommend a field or facility.

Field Status

Open Open

Lupin Hill Elementary School (09:08 PM | 03/08/24)

Open Open

Forest Cove Park (09:08 PM | 03/08/24)

Open Open

Sumac Elementary School (09:08 PM | 03/08/24)

Open Open

Willow Elementary School (09:08 PM | 03/08/24)

Open Open

Grape Arbor Park (09:08 PM | 03/08/24)

Open Open

Indian Springs Park (09:08 PM | 03/08/24)

Open Open

Old Agoura Park (09:08 PM | 03/08/24)

Open Open

Chumash Park (09:08 PM | 03/08/24)