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APB Thoroughbred Awards

Thoroughbreds who are players and coaches that have played and coached every year, in every division, from Shetland through Pony. This is a big accomplishment given all of the other options these days. We appreciate their dedication and loyalty to APB.


 Jared Cornick                   Matthew Cherniet 
Gavin Manzo  Daniel Messe
 Zain Khan Logan Nobriga
 Jacob Ross Ethan Smith


David Messe                                     Mark Smith

Carson Chase Spencer Kallinger Kody Kellingsworth
Brent Gelick Hayden Nakamura Noah Thompson
Nick Ponsiglione Wyatt Thomas Nathan Hernandez
Ryan Graul Blake Schwartz Hudson Sturges

Jeff Nakamura

Robert Kellingsworth

Kevin Chase

Class of 2017

Casey Campbell Riley Castillo Cole Chase
Jake Gurien Tug Hull Ben Jacobs
Justin Klausner Max Lopez Matt Miles
Ryan Rodriguez Colin Roser Cory Rumkin
Jack Stephens    

Coaches of 2017

Larkin Campbell Greg Klausner Todd Hull

Class of 2016

Jack Alexander Brandon Cherniet Christian Clausen
Ryan Cohen Luke Dalton David Gorjestani
Shayfer Ellis Ryan Kosikov Reece Morris
Lou Perini Jake Sirkus Tyler Trompetto
Kyle Wiederspahn    

Coaches of 2016

Doug Cohen Devin Sirkus  

Class of 2015

Caelan Burkhart Ben Fairly Jackson Harn
Brandon Jadidi Ethan Klausner Justin Leggett
Will Preston Caleb Siff Taylor Williams

Coaches of 2015

Pat Fairly Greg Klausner Jeff Leggett
J Preston Tony Siff  

Class of 2014

John Cook Jack DiFilippis Brandon Hasting
Sean Hesen Michael Kokiousis Drew Marincic
Jeremy Roschko Jake Samuels Declan Sharp
Kyle Wheatley    

Coaches of 2014

Byan Marincic David Roschko  

Class of 2013

Amir Amoursi Andrew Gutt Trent Haines
Conner Harpole Charlie Morris Bobby Nimoy
Grant Shaver Joey Spence  

Field Status

Closed Closed

Lupin Hill Elementary School (12:22 AM | 03/13/20)

Closed Closed

Forest Cove Park (01:07 PM | 03/12/20)

Closed Closed

Willow Elem (01:07 PM | 03/12/20)

Closed Closed

Indian Springs Park (01:07 PM | 03/12/20)

Closed Closed

Old Agoura Park (01:07 PM | 03/12/20)

Closed Closed

Westlake Elementary School (01:52 PM | 03/10/20)

Closed Closed

Westlake YMCA (WL) (01:52 PM | 03/10/20)

Closed Closed

Oaks Christian (WL Pony) (01:07 PM | 03/12/20)

Closed Closed

Triunfo Community Park (WL Pony) (01:52 PM | 03/10/20)

Closed Closed

Malibu Bluffs Park (01:07 PM | 03/12/20)

Closed Closed

Dos Vientos (NP) (01:52 PM | 03/10/20)

Closed Closed

Sequoia (NP) (12:22 AM | 03/13/20)

Closed Closed

Shetland (08:50 AM | 10/07/20)

Closed Closed

Cypress Park (NP) (01:07 PM | 03/12/20)

Closed Closed

Freedom Park (01:07 PM | 03/12/20)

Closed Closed

El Rio (01:07 PM | 03/12/20)

Closed Closed

Bob Kildee Park (01:07 PM | 03/12/20)

Closed Closed

Fremont Jr. High (Oxnard Youth Baseball) (01:07 PM | 03/12/20)