Tuesday, January 26, 2021

APB Mission


The mission of our league is simple. Without fail, we will ensure a resounding 'yes' to the following question: Was every action, decision, policy, and by-law implemented to serve the best interests and benefit the children who play baseball in this league? 

We will do this in many ways. First, we will strive to select a Board of Directors who are willing to give selflessly to the children of our community and oversee the finances with diligence. 

Second, we will select the best possible managers with a balanced mix of teaching the players baseball fundamentals, how to play competitively, work as a team, exhibit good sportsmanship, and generally conduct themselves with class and respect at all times. 

Third, we will do our best to get all parents involved in their child's team, helping them understand the long lasting positive impact they can make on their own children as well as others in the league. 

We will treat every player fairly and equally, regardless of playing ability. By putting this all together, we can say with full confidence we did everything possible to make baseball playing in Agoura PONY Baseball a positive, exciting experience for every player in our league.

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